Klaverrock Friends


What once started out as a birthday party for Jama, has evolved in Klaverrock. Jama is the heart and soul of Klaverrock, a music addict in every way. Jama has supported Fixxxer and Friends from the start. We owe big time to Jama.


Kwinten is our very special guest on Klaverrock. When Fixxxer was in need of rehearsel space not so long ago, he provided with aplomb! When a job needs do be done, he's your man. We owe this fellow big time. Thank you Kwinten.

Fixxxer Babes

Klaverrock and Fixxxer would not be possible without the help of these fabulous ladies! See for yourself and head over to Klaverrock on november 6th!

Fixxxer Babes starring from left to right:

  • Liesbet
  • Leen
  • Fien
  • Eva
  • Wendy
  • Yenka


Fixxxer is not just playing music, it's a way of life.
6 Friends: no more, no less.

Fixxxer are:

  • Jimmy Capelle
  • Tijl Carrein
  • Jama Carrein
  • Peter Casselman
  • Nick Cool
  • Steve Roosens
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